Town of Derry
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Town Council Meeting Agendas
Note: All agendas, minutes, and notices provided on this web site are for informational purposes only. Official copies and any attachments referenced are available at the Town Hall.Meetings are typically broadcast live on Comcast Channel 17 (Only to Derry Comcast Customers)
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Size Council Agenda 01/07/2014
158K Council Agenda 01/22/2014
130K Council Special Meeting Agenda 01/28/2014
77K Council Agenda 02/04/2014
92K Council Agenda 02/17/2014
152K Council Agenda 03/04/2014
216K Council Agenda 03/18/2014
137K Council Agenda 04/01/2014
76K Council Workshop Agenda 04/07/2014
65K Council Agenda 04/15/2014
168K Council Budget Workshop Agenda 04/22/2014
64K Council Budget Workshop Agenda 04/24/2014
80K Council Agenda 04/29/14
66K Council Agenda 05/06/2014
197K Council Agenda 05/20/2014
132K Council Agenda 06/02/14
69K Council Workshop Agenda 05/27/2014
64K Council Non-Public Special Meeting Agenda 06/10/2014
70K Council Agenda 06/03/2014
124K Council NonPublic Special Meeting Agenda 06/12/2014
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