Town of Derry
14 Manning Street, Derry, NH 03038
Roadway Management Program

  • The Town of Derry has approximately 165 miles of roads to maintain,11 bridges, and over 2000 catch basins.  The Highway Department crew consists of nine full time employees and one part time  employee The major responsibilities and services include the following
  • Repair of all roads and sidewalks
  • Maintaining all traffic control and informational signs.
  • Maintenance of guardrails.
  • Sweeping of Town roads.
  • Cleaning, repairing, and maintaining catch basins, culverts, swales, and other infrastructure within the Town's storm water collection system as well as extensions of new storm water collection systems.  Please note that driveway culverts are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.
  • Roadway striping and pavement markings.  Centerline and fogline painting is contracted out.
  • Roadside mowing.
  • Removal of debris and road kill from roadways.
  • Snow removal and de-icing operations.
  • Support to other divisions as needed during emergencies or when heavy equipment and trucks are needed.