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Uniform Adjusted Elderly Exemption
RSA 72:39a
All persons desiring to apply for any exemptions must fill out a permanent application form (State Form PA29) and the Elderly Exemption Worksheet.

State Form PA33 is also needed for all properties owned by a Trust or properties with Life Estate Interests.

New applications must be submitted to the Assessor’s Office no later than the close of business day on April 15th of the tax year in the year in which application is made.

1) A person has to have been a resident of the State of New Hampshire for at least three (3) consecutive years preceding April 1st;

2) Must have income from all sources, no greater than $35,000 for a single person and no greater than $45,000 if married.

3) Owns assets of any kind, tangible or intangible --- less bonafide encumbrances, and further, excluding the value of his/her residence plus 2 acres of land --- not greater than $150,000.

4) Is at least 65 years old on or before April 1st; and

5) Must not have received transfer of the property from a blood relation, or person related by marriage, within five (5) years prior to date of application (April 1).
An exemption of $85,000 for residents 65 years of age up to 74, $125,000 from 75 years of age up to 79, and $165,000 from 80 years of age and older is applied to the assessed value of the property.